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Think how often across the country an unwanted appliance, material or substance is thrown away. It happens more often then you think. However, if it is to be done, it has to be done right. Leaving it on the street, public area or someone's land is illegal. It is damaging to the environment and makes your neighbourhood look unattractive. More importantly, it's unnecessary! Rubbish Waste are a legal waste removal company with special permits to ensure that the environment is taken into consideration. We consult with you, at a time to suit you, so we know exactly what needs disposing of and can make appropriate arrangements.

It is important we know exactly what you want removing so we can make sure what we are disposing of is legal. We have helped many customers in South East London clear unwanted furniture from offices, businesses as well as properties and they have been delighted with our service. Talk to one of our friendly staff members today on 020 3540 8131 for more information on our full range of clearance services at affordable rates.


South East London has the SE postcode and consists of the following boroughs: Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Croydon, Lambeth, Bexley and Bromley. South East London is home to various restaurants, bars, museums, historical buildings, parks, theatres, galleries and shopping centres.  It's a fantastic place to live, work, study and visit. In order to cater to all these needs South East London has excellent transport links with regular buses, tube trains and those of you will an oyster card can benefit from hiring a bike to get around the area.

It is important that South East London stays the amazing place it is by keeping its streets tidy and clear. When rubbish needs disposing of people need to hire professional waste removal services to ensure junk is removed safely, legally and effectively. This will keep South East London welcoming and environmentally friendly. Keeping South East London clear of rubbish will continue to make this area a great place to live and visit.  South East London offers everything the community and tourists can ask for so let's keep it that way.

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Think of your neighbourhood, think of your community, think of South East London and we hope you'll think of us. It's vital we protect the area’s environment when clearing out any junk. Rubbish Waste pride ourselves on helping the environment as much as we possibly can. We recycle as much of your unwanted waste as possible and make sure the remainder of your unwanted items are disposed of safely and legally. Our helpful rubbish clearance staff will remove your rubbish, whether it is from garages, gardens, properties, offices or factories we can help. Whether its commercial waste you need removing or domestic waste we can help.

We provide a quick hassle free service so why not call us today on 020 3540 8131 and have the best waste disposal company in South East London work for you! Don't miss out on our unbeatable prices. Help South East London keep it's land and streets clean so that people can continue to work and visit this incredible city.


Our Testimonials
Rio S. 2023/06/30
After doing my research, I found that they were a local clearance provider that gave great quotes. I booked them in to take care of my waste collection job and was very happy with the service.
Derek S. 2023/06/25
I regularly hire Rubbish Waste for waste disposal purposes. They're cheaper than the competition that operates in my area, they always have collection teams available and always give great quotes.
Paris M 2023/06/12
Rubbish Waste said they'd be able to collect and recycle most of my junk. That was enough to make me book them for the waste collection job. I have no doubt they put my items to better use.
Ken E. 2023/06/05
Waste collection was carried out on time by this company and was the fuss-free, professional service I'd been after.
K. Baily 2023/05/02
Rubbish Waste made all the right assurances. They said they aimed to recycle as much as possible. I booked them in for my waste collection job, confident that my junk would indeed be put to better use.
Ani E 2022/08/04
The loft clearance job carried out by Rubbish Waste was by no means easy. They made it look so. They removed everything so quickly and didn't create any extra mess for me to clear up in the process.
James H 2022/07/20
They said they'd be able to recycle the majority of my waste. That appealed to me. I hired them for rubbish disposal and have no doubt they came through for me and followed through on their ethical disposal practices.
Yasmin S 2022/07/19
I just had building work done that had generated a lot of building waste. I needed to get rid of it all as soon as possible. Their builders waste disposal team made it happen.
L. Smith 2022/07/13
I thought I'd have to pay for two rubbish disposal services due to the amount I was looking to get rid of. Thankfully, I came across this company and it didn't come to that.
Melanie H 2022/07/02
I want to thank this firm for tackling my loft clearance needs swiftly and professionally as I was hoping for. Getting rid of the massive load was a massive load off my mind!
Shane H. 2022/05/31
The team from Rubbish Waste were done and dusted with my flat clearance in South East London in super-quick time. They didn't create a mess and removed absolutely everything required. I want to thank them for the service. It was just what was needed.
Connor H. 2022/05/29
I booked Rubbish Waste for a flat clearance. The team arrived on the day and were prompt, professional and raring to go. They had all of the junk loaded into their van and were carting everything away in no time at all.
Lance H 2022/04/03
I always hire Rubbish Waste for waste clearance purposes in South East London and I'm always left mightily impressed with what they're able to achieve for me. I'd recommend them to anyone I know who's in need.
Alan A. 2022/04/03
The flat clearance team from Rubbish Waste seemed to be on a mission to remove all the junk from my property in South East London as quickly as possible. I was just fine with that. The service helped me out.
Jill R. 2022/01/05
I am happy to discover your unique and quality rubbish collection services. Your whole crew is prompt in services delivery.
Brenda 2021/10/20
Though there were challenges at first in the builder's waste removal schedule, we were able to solve everything, and you came. You are indeed so effective and efficient in services delivery.
Victor 2021/10/19
They did all the junk collection work promptly. In general, our home is spotless. Indeed, I am very excited.
Ray K. 2021/10/11
Our past junk removal service provider disappeared, and I discovered your great work. All I can say is you are dedicated to your work.
Joe 2021/09/13
They came in time in South East London and delivered the junk clearance services on time. I am a happy client and look towards working with you.
Donna A. 2021/09/07
Rubbish Waste had my house clearance sorted, seemingly with ease. I hired them, agreed to the quote, and then left the job in their capable hands. I wasn't disappointed.
Celine W. 2021/03/10
I had initially hired their rubbish removal service because they were running a really good promotion although after seeing how good a job they did, I hired them regularly.
John M. 2021/02/05
The blokes from Rubbish Waste were fantastic. They had the junk cleared away in no time and cost less than the other places I called.
Melanie Walters 2021/01/27
These guys have the most reasonably priced rubbish collection services. I have been using them for years, and they always do a great job. They also offer low-cost garden waste clearance. Best waste removal service in the area.
F. Lewis 2020/12/16
Rubbish Waste does a lot of work with my company. Their crew is fantastic, and their rubbish removal services are some of the cheapest in the business. I would recommend their services.
Helen I. 2020/11/24
I would be more than happy to recommend their waste removal services. They did an exceptional job at my property, and they charge reasonable rates.
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