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East London Cleans up Its Act with Waste Clearance Services

Do you have unwanted appliances? Do you have a lot of junk lying around? Do you need to get rid of large amounts of rubbish? Then you need Rubbish Waste! We are waste removal experts with special permits to ensure your unwanted items are disposed of safely and effectively. For the best junk disposal service in your area call us today on 020 3540 8131 and get the best rates now! We care about the environment which is why we insist on arranging a consultation so we know exactly what you need getting rid of so we can make appropriate arrangements. We try and recycle your items where possible. We have helped many people in the past from your community and catered to their needs. Whether you need items removing from your home, garden, garage, factory or office then we can help. Whether it's domestic waste clearance or commercial waste disposal we can help. For an environmentally friendly option to removing your waste we can help. Have peace of mind knowing that your unwanted items are being professionally and legally taken care of.

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East London can be found in the north eastern part of London. The London boroughs in this area consist of Dagenham, Barking, Hackney, Havering, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. Wilton's music Hall is still to this day the oldest surviving grand music hall which continues to houses performances today! East London has a fantastic music scene with various bars and pubs to suit everyone’s taste as well as theatres, museums, art galleries, historical buildings, coffee festivals, music festivals, marathons, parks and much more.

Not only is there lots to see and do, there's also excellent transport links so you can see more and do more quicker. With regular buses, tube services and trains as well as the opportunity to hire bikes with your oyster card, you can get to wherever you need to be in East London without any hassle. East London offers both luxury hotels and budget accommodation as well as fine dining and value for money places to eat. As a result, East London has a lot to offer a range of different people which is why it is important to keep East London the welcoming area it is.


East London is a great place to grow up in, study in and work in. Therefore the people of East London need to take responsibility into their own hands to ensure East London stays being an amazing place to live. In order to do this the people of East London need to remove any unwanted junk they may have legally so East London can continue to thrive as a city. Rubbish Waste are professional experts who are used to dealing with removing unwanted rubbish quickly, effectively and legally. We have helped many people from East London dispose of their unwanted junk and rubbish now let us help you. When it comes to waste disposal, think of East London and East London's environment and we hope you will think of us. Phone us today on 020 3540 8131 to have the best waste removal service work for you.

We have friendly staff, affordable rates and the right equipment to help you remove your unwanted items. There's no job too big or too small for us so call us today and we will do our best to help you. Don't delay, call us today and find out more about our full range of flexible clearance services.

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Our Testimonials
S. Sutcliffe 2023/07/19
Rubbish Waste took care of my waste collection when they said they would. All I had to do was to book them. I left the rest to them, and they handled the massive load of waste and removed it all from my property with ease.
Khloe M 2023/07/16
They arrived at my house and had the waste collection sorted in minutes. I thought it'd take a lot longer to load everything into their van and get going.
Mark E 2023/07/07
My waste collection job comprised bags of junk plus a few bulky waste items and furniture. Rubbish Waste said they'd be able to take it all without issue, and thankfully, they came through for me.
Lionel S 2023/06/11
I wanted my waste collection job to be handled by experts. I didn't just want my waste dumped anywhere. I would've gotten in trouble if that occurred. But I went with them and they ensured I didn't have to worry about a thing.
Ben D 2023/06/01
Their waste collection team arrived on time and were carting the lot away in an instant. I got the swift, professional service I was after for a great price. I'd strongly recommend going with them if looking to get rid of any sort of junk.
Paula H 2022/08/07
Hiring this firm for builders waste collection in East London proved to be a great skip hire alternative. I really didn't want to have an unsightly load parked outside my house. I'd recommend this company to anyone who's just had building work done.
E. Byers 2022/08/02
I regularly hire Rubbish Waste for regular, ongoing waste collection jobs. From a commercial standpoint, they're cost-effective to hire, and importantly, they're reliable too.
Kourtney A 2022/07/20
Had I hired a skip for builders waste disposal, it would've cost a lot. Thanks to this company's prices and services, I didn't have to go down that route. I'd recommend this company to anyone looking to get rid of building waste.
Denise H 2022/07/17
The loft clearance team cleared my loft from junk before I knew it. It was a relief finally having a clear loft space. I immediately began making better use of my loft space.
Nathaniel S 2022/07/16
They took care of the builders waste collection for me superbly. I really didn't want to have to hire a skip. Thanks to their prices, I didn't have to.
J. Haugh 2022/06/21
After doing a load of gardening work, I needed a garden waste removal service. They were the cheapest of the lot and were able to come around on the same day too. It was the service I needed, and for an unbelievable price considering all the green waste I had, that needed collecting.
E. Smith 2022/05/31
The waste clearance job in East London was handled effortlessly by their professionals. I'm glad I did my research and hired the right company.
S. Maxwell 2022/05/18
I opted to hire this firm for garden waste collection in East London rather than getting the council involved. They were cheaper than council collection services for green waste anyway.
Larry A. 2022/05/09
The garden waste disposal service was desperately needed. I had a massive amount of waste blighting the appearance of my garden. They handled things with ease and for a great price which was just a bonus as far as I was concerned.
Georgina H. 2022/05/01
I thought it'd cost a lot to get garden waste collection sorted in East London. It pays to do your research. I hired a great company that carried out the service I needed for a great price.
Lynette 2021/11/16
I'm happy and thrilled with how you conducted your junk clearance services. I asked for your services within a short time, and you turned up.
Gordon 2021/09/21
Your builders waste disposal services are excellent. I am indeed impressed.
Jackson 2021/09/14
The waste disposal service providers who came delivered quality work.
Beatrice 2021/09/07
You do your work perfectly and consistently at all times in waste clearance. Your different technicians are the best.
Angie 2021/07/06
Detail-oriented, thorough, and professional rubbish collection is indeed your trademark. You deliver a great job, and you are always organised.
Gregory H. 2021/03/10
My father used to haul away any rubbish that accumulated at their property, however, he is getting a bit older and is unable to do as much as he used to. We hired Rubbish Waste on the recommendation of one of dad's old mates. They do a good job and send their team out as soon as he rings them up.
Georgina C. 2021/02/26
I redid my entire yard and hired this company for their cheap garden waste clearance services. They did an excellent job and cost less than what I was quoted by other rubbish removal companies.
Krista V. 2021/02/17
I was pleasantly surprised by how good of a job they did. They had the entire rubbish removal done in less than 2 hours. At half the cost of other rubbish removal companies, I will be sticking with Rubbish Waste.
Xavier Martin 2021/01/12
There may be plenty of options for waste removal, but this company has low rates, and their crew is fantastic. I will be using them for all of my company's rubbish removal needs from now on.
Bea C. 2020/11/20
The other rubbish removal companies that I called were either too expensive or did not have openings that worked with my schedule. A friend had used Rubbish Waste in the past and recommended their services. They did a great job.
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