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Everything You Need to Know About Rubbish Collection

Rubbish collection is a chore that nobody really wants to undertake. Odds are if you asked 100 people about such a task, 99 of them would say that rubbish removal ranks as one of the most aggravating tasks a person can do. Thankfully, you never need to handle such task alone again, as Rubbish Waste are on hand to help. We will handle your waste clearance needs, from pick-up to disposal. It means you will no longer have to worry about driving back and forth from the local recycling plant or landfill tip site again, as refuse collection and rubbish clearance are our exclusive expertise.

There may be plenty of businesses in the London area whole claim to the very best at waste collection. However, only we can make that claim a reality. We understand that the world of waste clearance isn’t one for amateurs and that experience counts for everything. Don’t put your rubbish disposal needs into the hands of a cowboy, call us today on 020 3540 8131 today and speak to one of our team.

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We understand that rubbish collection shouldn’t be a task that costs you an arm and a leg. We pride ourselves on delivering a cost-effective waste collection service that blows away the competition in both price and performance. Our waste clearance services work upon a set price scale, meaning that you’ll never be stung with hidden costs and sneaky charges. For your money, you get the use of our top of line fleet of fully insured vans and the very best in removal equipment, this also includes packing supplies and disposal certification if required. Accompanying such will be a team of rubbish clearance experts that understand the industry unlike anybody else. They can remove all types of rubbish. We can handle everything from old televisions to general household appliances and documents.

There simply isn’t a job too big or too small for our team to handle. When it comes to refuse collection we can also handle specialist and dangerous waste including glass, something other firms just can’t work with.


Are you threating about rubbish collection? Unsure of what to do to when it comes to recycling and refuse collection? Worrying about where to put all your excess clutter? Then you needn’t worry anymore. Rubbish Waste is the number one name in rubbish clearance and it isn’t hard to see why. We use the very best in not only equipment, vehicles and staff, but also all removal supplies, to make sure that the job gets done both safely and efficiently. From heavy-duty equipment to small document boxes, we can whisk it away rubbish from your property to the nearest landfill site in next to no time. Rubbish clearance is our forte; so don’t settle for sub-par service. Get in touch with our team today by calling us on 020 3540 8131 . One of our team will then be more than happy to talk to you about our rubbish removal services in more detail, while also providing you with a free no obligation quote. The realm of clearance services is one that is increasingly busy with competition. When you choose us you get more that just a man with a van, so don’t waste your time with our cowboy competitors, choose experience, choose reliability, choose us.

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Our Testimonials
S. Inglis 2023/06/26
The rubbish collection job was handled quickly and efficiently, on time. The help provided was perfect. I left Rubbish Waste to it and they removed absolutely everything for me, even the large items, with ease and efficiency.
L. Johnson 2023/06/15
The speedy way with which they handled the rubbish collection meant that I could move new tenants into my flat quicker than expected. We were all very happy with the service.
George M 2023/06/04
I was amazed at just how cheap the rubbish collection was. I thought I'd have to shell out plenty more to get everything cleared. I don't know how their prices are so cheap.
A. Williams 2023/06/03
I booked them in for my rubbish collection after being very happy with the quote provided. As the price was so cheap, I was crossing my fingers, hoping they'd do a thorough job. I was very happy with everything they managed to do for me.
Kourtney A 2023/05/30
I want to thank their rubbish collection helpers for the brilliant service they carried out for me. If not for their help, I don't know what I would've done.
L. Peters 2022/08/06
I thought hiring a commercial rubbish collection service would cost an arm and a leg. But I managed to get everything cleared for a very good price when I reached out and eventually hired this firm.
D. Mackintosh 2022/08/05
Hiring Rubbish Waste for rubbish collection purposes proved to be a great decision. I was getting rid of a lot. They gave me a good price for the collection and it was a fuss-free service.
L. McNora 2022/08/01
The rubbish collection job I hired Rubbish Waste for took place on time and was completed to a speedy and professional standard. I just left them to it on the day, during the collection session, and everything was cleared from the site in an instant.
Andrew H 2022/07/31
I want to thank this firm for taking care of my rubbish collection needs swiftly and professionally. They presented me with an easy and cheap way of getting rid of all my waste, and I took full advantage.
Donna H 2022/07/26
I'd heard good things about this firm and their rubbish collection practices. I was glad to learn they operated. I reached out to them, they gave me a good quote and I immediately hired them and then received good service on the day.
Nick S. 2022/05/05
I hired Rubbish Waste for rubbish removal and was very happy with the service provided. It was quick and effortless dealing with them. Everything on the day took place very professionally. The rubbish was cleared away before I knew it.
Kim A. 2022/04/05
I utilised their rubbish removal services, and was very happy with what transpired. The speedy way with which they handled things helped me out massively. I'd thoroughly recommend booking them in.
E. Marks 2022/03/02
My rubbish removal requirements were met to an extremely professional standard. I'd recommend booking them in.
Belinda H. 2021/11/18
During the course of the garden waste collection service, a few bits of garden waste fell out of the bag. They took the time to sweep everything up and take everything along with them. I'm sure other firms wouldn't have bothered.
Paris H. 2021/10/13
The professionals from Rubbish Waste did some sterling work for me. It was a tough job. But they handled the collection with ease.
Gareth A. 2021/09/09
I wanted a professional firm to handle my builders waste removal. That's just what I got when I hired this company.
Russell H. 2021/09/03
The team from this company got to it as soon as they arrived. I didn't need to supervise them. No instructions were required. Everything had been detailed to them beforehand. It was the fuss-free service I wanted.
Maureen 2021/08/31
You are indeed the most hard-working and professional people I have ever come across in the rubbish collection. Currently, my house is beautiful and clean.
Danny S. 2021/08/07
I thought rubbish collection would cost quite a bit. I don't know how this company keep their prices so low! I'm certainly not complaining though!
Stan M. 2021/07/03
Your rubbish collection men did an excellent job.
R. Varga 2021/07/03
Builders waste collection with them was cheaper than I thought. I'd recommend them as opposed to skip hire for such waste.
Benson 2021/06/05
Your rubbish collection workers are excellent and friendly people. I left them in the house and headed for the job. When I came back to my house, the house was free from rubbish. They were reliable and perfect, especially in their general waste collection services.
Seth T. 2021/05/12
Excellent price and quality rubbish collection services. You are the best company any person may rely on. If you have a planned budget, they are what you need. I'm 100% happy, and I look towards working with you shortly.
Richard S. 2021/04/28
I requested rubbish collection on the next day. They were able to accommodate my needs. They were prompt and professional and got all the building junk cleared in super-quick time.
Nicholas 2021/04/25
The rubbish collection customer services contacted me one the day before the appointment day. I was at work, and they were patient as we texted how the work should be completed.
Molly P. 2021/03/10
I am very happy with the waste clearance they did at my property. I had several tenants move out unexpectedly, and they left behind piles upon piles of rubbish. These guys sent a team out, and they had it all hauled away in just a few hours.
Kyle W. 2021/02/19
Rubbish Waste did rubbish disposal for me a few days ago. They did a good job and charge less than other rubbish removal companies. I will be using their services again.
Myra G. 2021/01/29
I hired this waste removal company after they did a job at my sister's property. They did a great job. I would very much recommend their services. They did an excellent job. I would hire them again.
Candace J. 2020/10/28
Rubbish Waste did a rubbish removal for me and they were fast and professional. The crew had the entire job finished relatively quickly, which saved me a few pounds. I would recommend them, great rubbish removal company.
Sally 2020/03/19
This junk removal company is the best. They helped me to dispose of my old furniture in no time.
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