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Tired of people dumping their rubbish in the streets? Fed up with careless people abandoning their unwanted items in nearby fields and ditches? Annoyed at the lack of respect these people have for the people in their community? So are we. Rubbish Waste is a waste removal service that considers the environment. We never illegally dump junk in fields, ditches or the streets. We have special, legal permits which allows us to dispose of waste properly so you can set your mind at ease knowing you are looking after your environment and your community.

Call us today on 020 3540 8131 to find out more about our full, flexible range of clearance services. There's no job too small or too big for us. We offer a free consultation either face to face or over the phone to discuss exactly what it is you need disposing of. It is important we know exactly what you want to get rid of so we can make appropriate arrangements for your unwanted items. We try our best to recycle as much of your waste as possible and that the rest is disposed of safely and legally.


Residents living in South West London have an SW postcode and can be found south of the River Thames in the Country's capital London. There is so much to do in South West London because of the various parks, museums, galleries, shops, bars, restaurants and theatres to visit. Not only that but it's also a short tube trip to central London to see the city's main attractions. With regular bus and tube services taking you where you need to be in London. With excellent transport links around South West London and the capital of the country, there’s no reason why anyone wouldn't want to live or visit this incredible place. Croydon, Kingston, Lambeth, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth are the boroughs that make up South West London. London is forever expanding and growing but we want to make sure it is for the right reasons.

With limited space as it is, we need to make sure that when residents want their waste disposing of, it doesn't cause harm to the environment or the community. We need to consider South West London and make sure it doesn't overcrowd with waste.

Rubbish Clearing South West London
Apartment Clearance South West London

South West London is a wonderful place to live, whether you work, study or visit, you will love living here. Therefore, looking after our environment is an absolute must if we wish to keep South West London a thriving area. Anyone wishing to dump their rubbish illegally is having a direct, negative impact on their community and their environment and their city. Those people need to clean up their act. Don't make the same mistake and join our fight against illegal fly tipping. Rubbish Waste have helped countless people from all over South West London with removing their waste and they have been extremely happy with our helpful staff, quick service and unbeatable rates.

We can also offer you furniture clearance, junk removal, garage clearance and rubbish collection services. Don't miss out on having the best waste disposal clearing service in South West London work for you. Ring us now on 020 3540 8131 and let us help you. We can help you clear out from a location that suits you. In the past we have helped people in your area clear out unwanted waste from their gardens, garages, offices, factories, houses, properties and more. Together we can keep South West London a place to be proud of.


Our Testimonials
John S 2023/06/11
Sorting out waste disposal was made easy thanks to this speedy same day service.
Iwona A 2023/06/05
I needed a waste disposal service and I needed it carried out quickly. Thankfully, this firm was able to accommodate my needs by providing me with the same day service. The rubbish had all been cleared just hours after I'd booked them in.
George M 2023/06/04
This waste disposal firm was rated as being excellent online for several different reasons. I thought I'd give them a try when I needed junk collected. They didn't disappoint.
Richard H. 2023/06/04
Based on what I'd read about them from people who'd hired them, they seemed to be the area's best, most trusted and respected waste disposal firm. I hired them for my job and soon discovered why.
Haley S 2023/05/28
I booked through their website for waste disposal. I asked them to carry out a same day service as I wanted all the junk cleared as quickly as possible. It was a great service, just what I needed, for a good price.
Lily H 2022/07/12
I had a big load of rubbish that needed clearing. I reached out to Rubbish Waste, and they cleared everything, made it happen the following morning. It was a great rubbish disposal service.
R. Sykes 2022/07/11
Thanks to the efforts of their flat clearance team, I was able to move in new tenants a lot sooner than expected. In that sense, hiring this company actually made me money.
L. Davidson 2022/07/09
The loft clearance lads this company sent over to tackle my job were incredibly helpful. They did superbly, firstly to remove everything from the small loft space, and secondly to do it all so quickly.
Sadie H 2022/07/09
Their loft clearance team consisted of polite professionals. They understood my needs and went about providing the perfect service.
R. Ward 2022/07/05
I want to thank the excellent team from this company for the way they went about my rubbish disposal job. It was speedy, thorough service. They went the extra mile and cleaned up after themselves too.
Norma H. 2022/05/14
My loft clearance job in South West London certainly wasn't easy. Rubbish Waste, the professionals they sent around to my property, made it look so. It was a great service, one that met my needs.
E. Orton 2022/05/11
I needed some professional help with a flat clearance urgently. Rubbish Waste came to my aid. It was a great service. Despite my need for a same day clearance, they were true to their word and stuck to the quote, which was very low and reasonable.
Iona H. 2022/05/06
The loft clearance team from Rubbish Waste made light work of everything that needed to be removed in South West London. They were up and down the ladder, out of my loft hatch and out of my property before I knew it.
Cody A. 2022/04/05
The house clearance team Rubbish Waste sent over to South West London were hard-working professionals. They worked solidly throughout the short time they were on my property and made light work of all the junk I needed to be cleared.
Trish T. 2021/12/08
Thorough and professional junk removal workers are what I got. Can't wait to work with you again because you are respectful.
Josh A. 2021/09/14
Always happy whenever their waste removal workers visit my home.
Ian 2021/09/14
There are slight changes in your junk clearance team, but the services delivered are always of the highest quality. Thanks so much for availing yourself whenever I need you.
Breezy 2021/07/12
The person you sent did the best rubbish collection in the whole apartment. I will need her for future appointments.
Hassan 2021/07/08
Your different junk collection employers were trustworthy, courteous, and efficient. Come again.
Elanor H. 2021/07/06
The team from Rubbish Waste handled my rather tricky loft clearance job superbly. There was a lot that needed to be removed out of a rather small loft space. They handled it all with ease.
Jessie T. 2021/03/10
I could not be happier with the lovely blokes from Rubbish Waste. They came out to my property this afternoon to do a waste clearance. They did a terrific job. They were fast, finishing the entire thing in under 45 minutes. They have reasonable rates too.
Kara B. 2021/02/01
We decided to hire their rubbish removal service after a friend vouched for them. They did our garden waste clearance yesterday, and it went very well. They also charged us less than what was quoted by their competition.
Max Crawford 2021/01/22
The blokes from Rubbish Waste are some of the nicest I've worked with. They were quick and were extremely friendly and polite. I would absolutely hire them again if ever in need of rubbish removal services again. These guys are the best, no question.
Lee Buyers 2020/11/24
Some of rubbish removal companies I contacted were a bit too expensive. These guys were recommended by our neighbour and they do excellent work. They arrived right on schedule and had the job finished in less time than originally quoted.
Danielle T. 2020/10/07
My mum had an old shed in her garden that we had broken down and needed to be hauled away. I called around and Rubbish Waste had the best rates. They sent their crew right out, and they had property cleaned up in less than 45 minutes. They are fabulous.
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