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Every year billions is spent as a result of improper waste disposal. Something as simple as littering a chocolate wrapper costs money each year so imagine what throwing away unwanted appliances, materials or substances can cost. If you need to get rid of large quantities of waste then don't try save yourself some money by illegally dumping your unwanted items in an isolated field or ditch. You may think it saves you money but it costs the tax payer billions, it is harmful to the environment and looks very unattractive. That's where Rubbish Waste comes in! We are experts at waste disposal, we can sort through your rubbish with our special permits so every item can be disposed of legally and recycled accordingly. You can rest assured knowing you are helping your environment, your community and yourself.

Call us without delay on 020 3540 8131 for a consultation with one of our many helpful staff so we know exactly waste what it is that we are removing so we can make appropriate arrangements and plan accordingly. You'll find we deliver a quick rubbish removal service at unbeatable prices so pick up the phone and speak to us today.

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Greater London Waste Disposal

Greater London is the heart of London and the capital of England. Greater London hosts over 170 museums, 3 of them are considered to be in the top ten museums in the world. London also has incredible historical buildings such as Westminster Abbey, The Palace of Westminster, The Tower of London, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen.  Greater London has thousands of music venues for gigs including the world's most popular music venue for the last five years - the one and only O2 arena! London also presents more Live Comedy then anywhere else in the world. There are over 200 different carnivals and festivals all year round including the well-known Notting Hill Carnival which is the biggest street festival in Europe attracting around one million people every year.

There are more cinemas based in London's capital then anywhere else in the country so you'll never be stuck trying to find a movie. Not only does Greater London have over 100 theatres including 50 from the West End but it is also where you will find the world famous Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. For such a large city, the biggest in Europe in fact, it is remarkably easy to get around this incredible city with regular buses, dependable taxes and the easy to use tube system. London was the first place in the world to have an underground railway system and now many cities around the world have followed our example.


London has the highest population density in the country with 4,699 people per square kilometre. With such restricted space, we need to make sure unnecessary waste and rubbish doesn't take up any of London's precious space. We want to keep Greater London the amazing place it is. Over 15 million international tourists visit London each year. If we want this number to continue and help our economy grow then we must consider how we deal with waste removal.

Rubbish Waste will make sure your unwanted goods don't overcrowd Greater London more than it needs to by safely recycling as much as possible and disposing of the remainder legally. We have helped many Londoners remove their rubbish from gardens, garages, houses, factories and offices, there's no job too small or too big for us. Call us now on 020 3540 8131 and keep Greater London environmentally safe.

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Our Testimonials
C. Burnett 2023/06/06
The house clearance, despite being a massive job, was handled with ease. I'm glad I put this company on the job.
K. Blewitt 2023/06/03
I was delighted when I read that they were able to handle full house clearance jobs and that they operated. I booked them in and was treated to a fantastic service.
Sale S 2023/06/03
The house clearance help Rubbish Waste provided was exactly what I needed. I'm glad I booked them in when I did. They got the situation sorted for me and got my house junk-free in no time.
Aly H 2023/06/03
Kudos to their hard-working house clearance helpers for the fantastic work they did for me. Their efforts and the way they went about things were all much appreciated.
Jim S 2023/05/31
The house clearance help they provided was massively appreciated. I was removing plenty from every room in the house. Rubbish Waste worked methodically and professionally and removed every last little bit of junk.
Bianca J 2022/07/18
I reached out to this firm for local commercial waste management. It's easy dealing with them. They're cheap for waste removal too. I've already hired them on an ongoing basis.
Mona H 2022/07/13
The loft clearance job took place on time. I don't know how they managed to clear everything so quickly. They were done and dusted with the clearance in fifteen minutes.
F. Roland 2022/07/12
Handling the loft clearance job for me in the manner in which they did was just great. It was a tough job. They handled it in the manner expected of such professionals.
Miles H 2022/07/06
Due to the objects, I was getting rid of, I thought the waste disposal job would cost a lot and that labour costs would be pricy. But they gave me a very good quote, and impressively, they stuck to it. It was a great service. I'd recommend this company to anyone.
Mark T. 2022/07/04
Their rubbish disposal team in Greater London is amazing. They helped me get rid of junk fast.
E. Waats 2022/05/02
In terms of waste clearance jobs, I have to say that based on my experiences, Rubbish Waste is the best. It's well worth booking them in if you have any type of junk you need to get rid of.
E. Stefan 2022/04/03
I put Rubbish Waste on my waste disposal job and was very happy I did so. It was just the fast, fuss-free service I wanted, I needed.
Claire 2022/01/05
Very pleased with the quality services I received from Rubbish Waste. I'm happy I came across you, and you delivered standard and high-quality services. It is high time you book for their services, and you will be happy that you made this decision. I do not think there is any other company which would deliver services which are much better than this.
John 2021/11/06
My dad loves your junk collection service because you are dedicated to your work. For any person, feel to book them for services delivery at any time. There is no other kind of service provider that we would ever think of using.
Bridget 2021/09/06
They came with servicemen who helped deliver the best work. They arrived within the estimated time, were friendly and professional in the service delivery. Thanks so much.
Jack 2021/09/04
I liked the waste clearance workers you sent to my home. Please let them come back to my place whenever I call again in the future.
Alan A. 2021/09/03
The rubbish clearance team from Rubbish Waste had their van loaded up with my waste in Greater London and were taking everything away before I knew it. It was just the service I wanted.
F. Bale 2021/08/03
The waste clearance professionals from Rubbish Waste handled all of the junk in Greater London, the massive job before them, brilliantly. It wasn't a job for novices. They showed what they're all about and why they're the best in the business. My decision to hire them was vindicated.
Mike 2021/06/23
Generally, the waste removal came in time as scheduled and did an excellent waste removal job. You are what I need in my old home.
Max H. 2021/06/05
The rubbish clearance team from Rubbish Waste got on the job as soon as they arrived in Greater London. They didn't waste any time and had everything cleared in no time.
Nadia Lawson 2021/03/10
These guys have the lowest rates for garden waste clearance, and their crew is awesome. They recently did a waste clearance at my rental property and did a terrific job.
Loretta C. 2021/02/12
I have hired Rubbish Waste for rubbish removal, multiple times and every time, they have done an excellent job. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Tasha L. 2021/01/18
Their rubbish removal services are cheaper than other companies, and they do a better job! The crew was professional and polite. If I am ever in need of a rubbish removal service, I know who I'll be calling.
Monique West 2020/11/06
I have used their waste collection services several times, and they always have done a good job. The team is friendly and professional, and they cost less than other places I called. I would recommend them to anyone in need of decent and affordable professional rubbish removal services.
Cheryl K. 2020/10/22
Just as I was about to give up my rubbish removal service search, I came across Rubbish Waste. They have affordable rates and flexible scheduling. Their team came out to my property the day after I called, and they did an incredible job. My garden looks beautiful. These guys are great.
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