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If you want a hassle-free way of getting rid of your junk safely and legally then you need Rubbish Waste to do all the hard work for you. We work tirelessly so your unwanted appliances, materials or substances can be taken care of with our special permits. Phone us now on 020 3540 8131 and let us know exactly what item or items you are wanting to dispose of. Our helpful staff can then work out arrangements to make sure it is taken care of in the most eco friendly way possible. Stress free and hassle free. We would also like to know where we are collecting your unwanted items from. We have helped many customers in the past clear out their gardens, garages, offices, properties, factories and more. Whether it's commercial waste disposal or domestic waste clearance, we can sort it.

Make sure you invest your money in a professional waste removal service who are fully licensed like us. Otherwise your unwanted good might end up in a field somewhere destroying wildlife and their habitat. Our waste removal company tries its best to recycle as much of your unwanted goods as possible. For a greener, environmentally friendlier option at unbeatable prices, come to us.


North London has a lot to offer people, which is why it is vital that we look after our area and dispose of unwanted goods properly. Situated in the northern part of London and divided from South London by the River Thames, North London has excellent transport links to get you where you need to be so you can experience this incredible city. North London consists of Islington, Camden, Barnet, Enfield, Hackney and Haringey. You will never get bored in North London, with the amount of shops, galleries, museums, historical buildings, bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and parks, you'll find there is something for everyone. North London has a range of places to stay and eat to suit a variety of different budgets.

With such accommodating and appealing facilities to offer, it's no wonder that North London continues to attract thousands of visitors year after year. Many tourists use North London as a great destination to stay in so they can simply take a short tube ride into the city centre to enjoy all the major tourist attractions. Save more money and stay in North London.

North London Junk Removal
Junk Waste Collection North London

There's no doubt that North London is an amazing city to both live in and visit, which is why we need to look after it so future generations can continue to enjoy this area the same way we have. Simple things like recycling and hiring a professional waste clearing company make a massive difference to our environment. Rubbish Waste are professional experts at removing rubbish and junk that you no longer need. Our past customers have been left delighted at the quick service, friendly staff and affordable rates we offered. Whether you require furniture clearance, house clearance or office clearance we can help promptly.

Don't miss out on the chance to have the best waste clearance service in your area work for you. Did you know that every 12 minutes someone is illegally disposing rubbish costing the public £76 a minute? This has to stop now! When it comes to waste disposal, think about the environment, think about North London and hopefully you'll think of us. Call us today on 020 3540 8131 and avoid disappointment. Join many other people from North London who have been delighted at the full range of services we had to offer.


Our Testimonials
Alex J 2023/06/17
Rubbish Waste said they had teams available who'd be able to carry out the waste clearance pretty much right away at no extra cost. That was just music to my ears.
Glenn A 2023/06/07
The waste clearance team they were swift and they accomplished what was needed. I'm glad I booked them for the service. Getting rid of so much couldn't have been easier.
Jodie H 2023/06/05
I was amazed by how quickly their waste clearance team worked. They arrived, bang on the pre-agreed time, and had their van loaded up, were on their way in no time. With the speedy way they handled things, they helped me out massively.
Kim S 2023/06/03
Hiring them for waste clearance was mightily beneficial for my needs. With the swift way they handled things, they took the stress and hassle out of the process.
Keely M 2023/05/20
Their ethical waste clearance practices appealed to me. I hired them after reading about how they got rid of waste and reused it and after receiving the quote, of course. It was just a great service.
Jessica M 2022/07/15
The loft clearance job wasn't easy due to a number of reasons. But they handled it like the top team of professionals they claimed to be. I certainly put the right company on the job.
L. Eccles 2022/07/14
They completed the flat clearance seemingly in record time. It was an entire clearance. They handled it all superbly.
Tiana H 2022/07/11
The flat clearance help I got from this company was exactly what was needed. I couldn't have done all that work myself. I was glad I was able to call upon this company when in need and that I could get everything cleared for such a good price.
Connor H 2022/07/09
Rubbish Waste took care of my loft clearance in the manner expected of such professionals. The loft space was small and they had to navigate their way around a number of corridors. But they handled it all, seemingly with ease.
Jason A 2022/07/06
Their flat clearance team in North London worked their socks off to get everything cleared from the site in time. They loaded up their van and were on their way with all the junk in super-quick time.
S. Knotts 2022/05/31
I anticipated that the builders waste removal in North London would cost an arm and a leg. But I desperately needed it sorted. I did some research, came across this company, and was happy with the price. The service was just brilliant. They had all of the building junk cleared before I knew it.
R. Watkins 2022/05/30
Hiring them for builders waste collection was the best thing I could've done. It was the cheap, speedy and professional service I was after.
E. Lopez 2022/05/16
The rubbish disposal lads this company sent over to North London worked their socks off to get everything cleared in just one, quick and efficient session. I was more than happy with what took place when I hired them.
Kaley A. 2022/05/14
I trusted them with the task of taking care of my full house clearance. Their brilliant team of hard workers didn't disappoint.
Pia H. 2022/05/10
I opted to hire this rubbish removal firm as I'd heard and read good things about their workers in North London. The team they sent over on the day didn't disappoint. I soon realised why everyone was giving them such high praise.
Patti 2021/11/16
I am pleased with how the compound clearing and rubbish disposal were done in North London. You deserve your good reputation.
S. Pope 2021/10/28
I was so grateful for this service. I really didn't want to have to go down the skip hire route. With Rubbish Waste and their builder's waste removal team operating in my area of North London, I didn't have to.
K. Marks 2021/10/09
Rubbish Waste took care of garden waste removal for me on the same day I reached out to them. It was a massive relief getting it all sorted so quickly and easily without having to contact the council.
K. Maxwell 2021/10/05
I regularly hire them for rubbish disposal purposes. Due to the nature of my job, I often have lots of junk that needs clearing. This company has always come up trumps for me when in need.
Richard 2021/09/21
I plan to work with Rubbish Waste again after every three weeks for waste removal.
Mark D. 2021/03/10
This is the waste removal company I hired to do a rubbish removal at my rental flat. They were terrific, they'll be my first call for waste clearance in the future.
Todd G. 2021/02/19
I needed to hire a company to do a quick garden waste clearance at my property. A friend suggested Rubbish Waste. They were cheap and got the job done fast.
Liza C. 2021/01/29
If you are looking for affordable, rubbish removal, these guys are the ones to call. They have excellent low rates, and they do good work. They had a large amount of junk hauled away from my property in just under an hour. I will be using their services regularly.
Eunice A. 2020/12/01
I have used the rubbish removal services of Rubbish Waste several times, and they always do a good job. They are punctual, professional, and they do not overcharge like some of their competitors.
Cynthia Davies 2020/10/09
My neighbour had used their rubbish removal services and said that they were the best. They certainly have lower rates than others in the area, so I gave them a ring. They were terrific. Fast, efficient, and professional. I would absolutely hire them again.
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