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Keep Central London Away from Rubbish!

Did you know that councils in London collect 4 million tones of rubbish in just a year! That's enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool every hour! That's why it's vital that any rubbish clearance you do is done effectively and efficiently.

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Don't hesitate and get in touch with Rubbish Waste for a free consultation so we can understand exactly what you want to get rid of so we can plan the correct method. We are experts at clearing any unwanted goods from your home, garden, factory, garage or office. Whether you require furniture clearance, office clearance or property clearance we can help! You can relax knowing your rubbish is being taken care of in the most eco friendly way removing all the stress by doing the hard work for you. Whatever substance, appliance or material you are wanting to dispose of we can do the job as long as you tell us what you want removing first. Our special permits mean that we can legally get rid of your rubbish so that it is safe for the environment. Whether you require waste disposal or domestic clearance, we can help, there's no job too big or too small for us.

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Central London Garbage Removal

Central London is the heart of the country. The area is highly populated with workers and tourists alike. Central London is a highly dense environment for tourist attractions, historical buildings, deluxe apartments and successful businesses. Of course Central London has fantastic, flexible transport links to get you where you need to be. Our transport links run every few minutes so you are never left waiting long. Over 3 million people travel in and around Central London everyday. The area has countless museums including the infamous British museum and National history museum. Central London has something for everyone with high quality cinemas, delicious restaurants, west end theatres, a wide range of shops and a wealth of history for sightseeing. Visit Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London eye and the Tower of London. Keep millions of tourists continuing to visit Central London by ensuring you dispose of waste effectively by recycling and using certified waste removal companies like us.


Living in such a vibrant and cultured area means making sure waste is disposed of effectively without any harm to the environment so Central London can remain a great place to live and work in. Having limited space means it is more important now than ever before to clear any unwanted rubbish away from Central London so it can continue to be the heart of England. Keep Central London alive and positive, not cluttered and dirty. Whatever clearing service you require Rubbish Waste can help with our extensive knowledge in waste disposal, furniture clearance, office clearance, junk removal and property clearance. Call our helpful staff today on 020 3540 8131 so you can tell us exactly what you want to get rid of and we can plan accordingly. We can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs so you won't be left feeling disappointed. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have the best clearance service work for you. Recycling is safer, economically friendlier and better for your community.

You won't be disappointed with our professional junk removal service at affordable rates. We are the best waste removal service in the area so why not have the best junk disposal service work for you? Declutter your unwanted items and your worries today

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Our Testimonials
Fran Bigsby 21/01/2021
I am very happy with the guys from this rubbish removal firm. They were super helpful at my parents' property. Friendly, polite, and professional, I would hire them again.
Autumn L. 19/11/2020
I am thrilled with the rubbish removal team from Rubbish Waste. They did several waste removal tasks at my property. They were friendly and worked incredibly fast. They were also cheaper than other places we rang.
Judy K. 19/03/2020
I am always very impressed with the amount of excellent service that is provided by you guys at my home! No matter how big the job is, I know that I can count on you to remove my rubbish and make my front area look great!
Luke R. 16/02/2021
This is the only waste removal service that I will use. Their crew is professional, friendly, and they get the job done quickly. I have been using their services for over a year now and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Rubbish Waste.
Elise T. 10/03/2021
Before we moved into our new flat, we decided to do a little work. We hired contractors as well as this rubbish removal company to help with clean up. Everything turned out beautifully. These guys were incredibly helpful.
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