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How to Handle Rubbish Removal the Right Way

It may be a pain to most people, but it is a task that simply can’t be avoided. As a homeowner or tenant in the United Kingdom, you are going to have to tackle major rubbish removal at one point or another. However, the days of you having to go at it alone when it comes to rubbish clearance are now a thing of the past. Rubbish Waste has emerged as the leading name in the field of junk removal and it isn’t difficult to see why. When it comes to employees our staff stand head and shoulders above the competition. Fully vetted and highly trained, we only ever hire staff that know how to get waste removal done right first time.

We understand that waste disposal isn’t just a task that you can pick up and do, it takes skill and patience to get the job done right. Don’t leave you junk disposal needs in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing; make the right choice and speak to us today on 020 3540 8131 .

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There is no doubt that there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to rubbish removal in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is so vast that it is easy to get confused about how to handle your rubbish clearance job appropriately, thankfully when you choose us you won’t be confused anymore. We understand the geographical implications of junk removal, so you won’t see us worrying about where we will dispose of your waste. Our waste clearance teams are aware of all recycling and landfill locations up and down the country, so you will never find them at a loss to find one. Do you live in a rural area? Then don’t worry, as there isn’t a region of the UK our team can’t reach. Are you trying to remove rubbish from a flat? Never fear, as our team is trained to tackle removals from above ground floor properties as well.

There is truly no job too big or too small for our waste clearance team. Don’t take the risk with a new company on the scene, stick with us and you’ll get an experienced service that our competitors just can’t match.


When it comes to annoying and time consuming tasks, it is safe to say that rubbish removal ranks as one of the very worst. It is labour intensive and at times stressful, but you no longer need to bear that stress on your shoulders alone. By finding this website, you have found Rubbish Waste, the number one name in waste disposal in the United Kingdom today.

The reason why we stand head and shoulders above the rest is that we offer a level of quality and experience that other companies can’t touch. From basic labour to disposal certification, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Still not convinced?
Then pick up the phone and speak to us on 020 3540 8131 .

Our dedicated customer service team is available around the clock to speak to you in more detail about what we offer. We will also be happy to give you a free no obligation quote for your job, allowing you to weigh up our prices against our competitors.

Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable, remember that when you choose us you don’t just get a standard clearance service, you are getting the very best that money can buy.

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Our Testimonials
L. Michaels 2023/07/20
The rubbish removal help they carried out on the same day was very much appreciated. After seeing them go about things, I'd recommend booking them for anyone in need.
Louisa E 2023/06/11
Their rubbish removal professionals provided a great service. I don't know how they managed to remove everything from the tiny loft space and then out of my house so easily.
Carol S 2023/06/11
Kudos to the rubbish removal lads who did such a tremendous job for me. It was a great service. Rubbish Waste really helped me out. I certainly wouldn't have been able to remove everything myself!
R. Bale 2023/06/05
I got them to take care of my rubbish removal. It was a tough job. I didn't know how I'd managed to get so many large items up there, to begin with! Thankfully, they managed to remove everything alright, seemingly with ease.
Fiona S 2023/06/05
My loft was dusty and dirty. I'd accumulated so much junk up there over I don't know how many years. I got this loft clearance firm to clear everything. They were able to remove everything from my loft and my house for a very good price.
Winifred R. 2022/08/05
The price quote they gave me for rubbish removal was the cheapest I received. Their website said all the right things. I hired them for the job and received the perfect service, just what was required.
Faye H 2022/07/17
I recently booked them to take care of rubbish removal for me. It was a swift and professional service. I liked the quote, booked them in, and left the rest to them. The rubbish was removed with minimum fuss.
Ciara H 2022/07/15
Their rubbish removal team were excellent. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs any type of junk removal. They were the cheapest too.
Elaine H 2022/07/09
Rubbish Waste turned out to be a great rubbish removal company. I was getting rid of plenty. They handled the massive load of waste brilliantly. I liked the fact that they were able to dispose of everything ethically too.
Alan A 2022/07/06
I wanted to get rubbish removal sorted, but wanted it taken care of in the right way. I did my research and hiring them seemed to be my best bet. They disposed of everything quickly, professionally, and I have no doubt ethically too.
Andy 2022/05/05
Hiring Rubbish Waste for rubbish removal purposes was the best thing I could have done. The massive amount of junk I needed to clear was removed quickly, efficiently, and without any fuss. The service was cheap too.
Eleanor H. 2022/04/09
I booked Rubbish Waste to handle a rubbish removal job for me and I was very happy with what took place. There were a lot of different types of junk that needed clearing away. They loaded everything up and handled it all with ease.
Julian A. 2022/02/08
I explained my rubbish removal needs to them and they were only too happy to help, on the same day in fact, and for a very good price.
Nancy T. 2022/01/04
Your rubbish removal work is excellent. My parents and I love your rubbish collection services. You are so consistent in your work.
John R. 2021/12/03
Generally, the experience with rubbish removal was great, and you brought a lot of difference. Welcome once more.
Dara S. 2021/11/25
In terms of rubbish removal, Rubbish Waste is the only company worth hiring. I've hired them a number of times and they always complete speedy, professional and thorough jobs.
W. Wexler 2021/10/19
The loft clearance team were in and out of my loft, taking all of the junk with them before I knew it. Thanks to them, I was able to begin making better use of my loft space sooner rather than later.
Adrian 2021/10/05
I called the waste removal company for the second time. They are careful and professional in their services delivery. As they provided rubbish removal services, they dealt with all the junk around the house.
Mike 2021/10/01
You have great workers in your rubbish removal company. They came in time and removed all the rubbish in a short while. I'm happy with the services I got from you.
Norma H. 2021/08/28
The team from Rubbish Waste broke down furniture and got the lot cleared from my house in one session. It was a great service. I'll be hiring them again when in need.
Randy S. 2021/08/09
The rubbish removal service I hired them for was much needed. I want to thank this company for being able to accommodate my needs, and that too on the same day.
J. Hansell 2021/05/12
I detailed the rubbish removal service, what needed to be taken away, to Rubbish Waste's team beforehand. On the day, they showed up on time and just got on with it, followed instructions. It resulted in a speedy, smooth and efficient junk removal job.
Lucas 2021/03/23
I have been using their rubbish removal services for quite some time now. You are so efficient.
Teona L. 2021/03/10
I was impressed with the professionalism shown by the team from Rubbish Waste. I hired them recently to do a garden waste clearance at my property. I will be using their services on a regular basis.
J. Benn 2021/03/09
Rubbish Waste took the time to break things down so that it'd all fit into their van. The rubbish removal team ensured they could take everything away from my house in one session, in just one quick service.
Jill Pfaff 2021/02/08
I hired this company to do a rubbish removal at my mum's property. They did a great job and were really sweet to my mum. They have reasonable rates and the crew knows what they're doing.
Michelle Howard 2021/01/15
Rubbish Waste offers fantastic, low-cost rubbish removal. They recently did a job at my property. They were fairly cheap and the crew did a really good job. I would hire them again.
Winifred H. 2021/01/07
Their rubbish clearance professionals did a great job for me. After seeing what they're all about, I'd recommend them to anyone.
Megan Phillips 2020/11/23
I needed waste disposal and this service had the best prices. They did a good job too, had everything done in under an hour. I will absolutely be hiring them again.
Cristen B. 2020/10/01
Rubbish Waste did a garden waste clearance on our property. They did an excellent job and were cheaper than any of the other companies we called. I would recommend them.
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