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Why is a Skip Permit so Important?

In the modern age, even rubbish removal isn’t a process you can just get up and do. The reason for this is because there are many legal hoops you must jump through in order to get things started. One such hoop is a skip permit. Skips are considered a leading builders waste clearance, garden waste clearance and general rubbish clearance removal tool. However, picking up the phone, ordering a skip, and positioning on the street or property isn’t all the hiring process entails. When you want a skip you need to find a company that can not only provide you with one, but also make sure that you aren’t left in a legal bind in the process. Rubbish Waste have been providing skips (along with various other junk removal tools) to clients across the entire United Kingdom for years.

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It means that when you work with us you can be sure that you are working with an experienced company. Call our team today on 020 3540 8131 to speak to us about your skip permit needs.

Before you even pick up the phone to rent a skip, you need to take a long hard look at the legalities involved. In the United Kingdom you require a permit (or other form of legal certification) before a skip can be used on a street or visible area. Alongside this the skip must remain highly visible via the use of lights, it must also be covered overnight and at weekends. As you can guess skips go hand in hand with rubbish removal and junk removal, but the legal side of things can make them a daunting investment. Next time you need a skip for builders waste clearance and garden waste clearance, don’t waste your time filling in form after form just to get it to your property. Take a step back and speak to us. We will not only provide you with a skip (delivered direct to your door), but we will also handle all the paperwork. Our rubbish removal team knows exactly how to arrange a skip for placement, meaning that you’re never going to get caught out having one illegally. Having a skip should make your waste removal task easier and when you get one through us that is something we can guarantee.


Skip rental was once a costly and expensive procedure, with companies overcharging customers for the service nationwide. Thankfully, with companies like Rubbish Waste around things have changed forever. No longer are customers at the mercy of skip rental companies and being left in the lurch when things go wrong. Before we even send the skip out to you, we will make sure that an appropriate skip permit is issued. We will then, through our team of experienced junk removal staff, bring the skip to you on a day and at a time that is convenient to you. Skip rental is the easiest way to get rid of your property’s waste, unwanted items and general rubbish. And as long as you abide to both legal and company guidelines with what can be placed into them, it will probably become your ultimate rubbish clearance companion.
Still not convinced? Then pick up the phone and call our skip team today on 020 3540 8131 .

From there one of our team will run you through all of our skip services and provide you with a free no obligation quote for the job at hand. Don’t delay and call our skip team today!

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Our Testimonials
G. Horsham 2023/06/20
I booked Rubbish Waste. Everything took place on time and they had the site cleared in an instant.
K. Barker 2023/06/04
I booked Rubbish Waste and I'm glad I hired this firm.
F. Finn 2023/06/03
The fast, fuss-free collection service was just what we needed at the end of all the building work.
S. Jones 2023/06/01
Thanks to them, we were finally able to mark the completion of the building project and start to enjoy our house again without all the mess.
T. Kirby 2023/05/30
Dealing with this firm was hassle-free. Remarkably, they were able to come around and remove every last bit of left-over building junk that very day.
Elanor H 2022/08/05
The skip permit service went as planned. After booking them and accepting the quote, there was nothing for me to do. I just left Rubbish Waste to do what they do best.
Jim S 2022/07/19
I hired them for a skip permit job and left them to it. Everything was removed in minutes. It was all very impressive, was just what I wanted from such a company.
Sam S 2022/07/14
I reached out to Rubbish Waste for urgent service and got a fast and free quote. I liked what I heard and got a skip permit for a very good price.
Kim A 2022/07/05
This firm sorted everything that was needed and for a good price too. I'm glad I hired them.
Melanie H 2022/07/04
I was getting rid of a lot of furniture. I thought hiring a skip permit would be pricy. But it needed to be done. I did my research and came across Rubbish Waste. I was impressed with the price quote they gave me.
Joe H. 2022/05/31
It was a big builders waste collection job. I was expecting I'd have to hire a skip, which was a route I didn't want to have to go down. This company assured me they'd be able to handle things and I'm pleased to report they didn't disappoint.
Haley A. 2022/05/21
I want to thank them for helping to get my flat in order by handling the flat clearance side of things. I'd have been at a loss as to what to do if it hadn't been for their professional help.
Amy A. 2022/05/16
The house clearance guys were hard-working professionals. I could tell that was the case as soon as they arrived. They proceeded to do a top job for me.
Randy A. 2022/05/05
This firm got my flat clearance sorted quickly and efficiently. I left them to it on the day and returned just twenty minutes later to find a junk-free property. The speed with which they handled things was remarkable.
William H. 2022/04/06
I didn't want to hire a skip to get the builders waste disposal sorted. I knew that'd be costly too. This company provided just the service I required for a great price. They're a great skip hire alternative. I'd recommend them to anyone with such waste.
Stella 2022/01/05
I was pleased with this company's skip permit alternative. You are kind and professional in services delivery.
D. Middlebrook 2021/10/01
I hired Rubbish Waste for a massive house clearance. The job was done superbly. Everything was cleared without any fuss. I got the skip permit service I paid for.
Sarah S. 2021/09/22
The team didn't waste any time getting to work. They went from room to room, worked systematically, and removed absolutely everything asked of them extremely quickly and professionally.
Linda 2021/09/01
Again, I'm happy with the general junk removal services I acquired from your company. You are kind and professional, and thus I will always rely on you.
D. Glynn 2021/08/18
In terms of waste removal, this company is the cream of the crop! I've hired a number of these companies, these services, and this company has proven to be the best by far!
J. Cash 2021/08/18
I was getting rid of all sorts of waste. Their waste removal team said they'd be able to collect and dispose of everything ethically and responsibly. I gave them the go-ahead and they carried out a fabulous, speedy service.
Kate 2021/07/05
It was my first time relying on the skip permit service provider to clear my waste. Thanks a lot.
R. Banks 2021/04/12
The team from Rubbish Waste were thorough and professional. Everything was removed from my front room quickly. No issues arose.
Rose 2021/04/05
The team you sent was thorough and professional in services delivery. Your work ethics are excellent, and I will rely on your services again.
Allison B. 2021/03/10
My father in law recommended their waste removal services. I had a bunch of junk piled in my garden that needed clearing away and they were extremely helpful. They sent a team out to my property, and they had the job done in under 2 hours.
Beverly J. 2021/02/18
The guys from Rubbish Waste did a terrific job with the junk clearance at my property. I had called multiple companies across the area and decided to go with these guys due to their cheaper rates. I will be using their services again in the future.
Evans 2021/02/15
I am pleased that you are sending text messages constantly before the laid date. Besides, you kept reminding me of the time range and appointment. Indeed, you have scheduled the skip permit services for that same day.
Layla R. 2021/01/21
Of the many different waste collection services, this one has the most reasonable rates. Their crew is top-notch, and they are complete professionals. I will be recommending their services to friends.
Laney L. 2020/11/19
If you are ever looking for a reliable and dependable waste removal company, Rubbish Waste not only has the lowest rates but their team is incredible. I will be using their services in the future.
Sarah B. 2020/10/08
The blokes from this rubbish removal service did a phenomenal job at my property. They were finished quickly and cost much less than any of their local competition.
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