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How to Regain Control of Your Domestic Rubbish Clearance

You tackle it on a daily basis, but that fact is it will never get any easier to handle. Domestic rubbish clearance can be quite the chore and a common battle for many. However, it isn’t a battle you need face all on your lonesome. Rubbish Waste is an environmentally friendly rubbish removal service, which operate up and down the entire United Kingdom.

We are a domestic clearance company with a difference, as we offer an unmatched range of services that can reduce domestic rubbish to dust. Starting with the home we can remove furniture and household rubbish, all the way through to office and commercial property waste. In fact, if there is a job out there our domestic clearance team can handle it. When you need clearing services that you can count on, make sure you given our waste clearance team a call on 020 3540 8131 . From there our dedicated customer services team can talk to you further about what we offer and provide you’re a free no obligation quote.

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Affordable, friendly and effective, we have built a reputation of quality around our work throughout the UK. When you hire our professional domestic rubbish clearance team, you get much more than just a man with a van. You get an entire company at your fingertips that are with you every step of the way during the rubbish clearance process. Our clearance services are considered second to none, as we can remove almost everything you want. From furniture to commercial waste, given warning there is no item too big or too small for us to dispose of. When you work with us we will never make you commit to anything you’re not comfortable with. As with us there are no minimum requirements, so we won’t force you to commit to a certain amount of rubbish removal. Clearance services are our expertise, so whether it is one item, an entire home, or even an entire office, we are the name you should call.

Don’t put your needs into the hands of cowboy clearing services, remember us when it comes to domestic rubbish clearance and you won’t be left disappointed.


Thousands of happy customers and plenty of heartfelt testimonials will tell you plenty about the quality of rubbish removal we provide here at Rubbish Waste. We understand that waste clearance isn’t a job you can do off the cuff and that it requires planning and preparation to do correctly. Our clearing services offer just that, from the very moment you pick up the phone you can be sure that your rubbish clearance situation is fully under control. It doesn’t matter whether the job at hand is domestic (furniture, carpet, household goods) or business (office furniture, commercial waste), you can rest easy knowing that our domestic rubbish clearance team can handle it. When you’ve decided that our clearance service is the right service for you, speak to our junk clearance and house clearance team on 020 3540 8131 .

After picking up the phone and giving us a call, one of our team will give you an idea of what our service can do for you in more detail. They will also provide you with a free no obligation quote to give you a closer look at our price scale. Remember, we are the number one name in domestic clearance services for a reason, speak to us today to find out why.

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Our Testimonials
Ollie H 2023/06/04
I sorted out the domestic waste disposal with them and it was a cheap and easy process. I'm grateful to this firm for the speedy way with which they handled things. It was cheaper than expected too.
Melanie H 2023/06/03
The way they handled domestic waste disposal for me was a massive help. It meant I didn't have to bother getting a skip or anything for the purposes of the site clearance. I left them to it and they cleared absolutely everything for me.
Allaya H 2023/06/03
Domestic waste disposal was actually pretty easy to sort out. I thought it'd be a right hassle after the builders had done their business and left a right mess. It turned out to be far easier and cheaper than expected.
L. Lewis 2023/06/03
Domestic waste disposal sorted with Rubbish Waste presented me with an easy and cheap solution when it came to clearing everything up. I was impressed with the service and the price of it all.
K. Matthews 2023/05/28
I relied on Rubbish Waste for a massive domestic waste clearance, and thankfully, the brilliant team they sent around didn't let me down. I'd recommend this company to anyone in a similar situation to anyone without hesitation.
L. Ervine 2022/08/08
It was an almighty house clearance project. I did my research and ended up booking the right company to tackle the task.
K. Reeves 2022/07/28
Their domestic rubbish clearance team seemed to be in a hurry. Nevertheless, they were thorough and professional. Not the tiniest bit of waste was left on site by the time they were done.
Bianca H 2022/07/11
They managed to sort out domestic rubbish clearance when I needed it. I was getting rid of lots of bulky waste. But they gave me a good price for the service. All things considered, hiring them was a no brainer.
L. Hinckley 2022/07/06
They sent over a brilliant rubbish clearance team to help me. They had the site cleared from all junk in no time at all.
Lionel S 2022/07/02
I want to thank Rubbish Waste for taking care of rubbish clearance for me as and when I needed them to. It was an easy service on my part and was far cheaper than I'd expected too.
Richard H 2022/05/31
Rather than pay the council to take care of the garden waste collection, I opted to hire this company. It was far easier dealing with them than it would've been with the council.
W. Williams 2022/05/30
They were able to meet my rubbish disposal requirements pretty much right away, on the same day. From what I understood, they didn't hike up their prices for the same day service either.
Melanie A. 2022/05/21
I hired them for garden waste removal after carrying out a load of gardening work after the winter months, which generated a lot of waste. It was cheap to book them and they took everything away in minutes.
Cory A. 2022/05/14
The domestic rubbish clearance was taken care of on the same day, in just one collection, just as promised. They're a professional, reliable firm, the best in the business for this type of work as far as I'm concerned.
Tiana H. 2022/05/04
The domestic rubbish clearance team handled the work before them systematically. Their approach paid off and they were on their way with all of my junk in super-quick time.
Erick 2021/12/04
I called Rubbish Waste junk collection to help in the junk removal procedure. Though the job seemed tough, they did it with a lot of ease. I observed their work so hard, and I appreciate all the efforts. I will be back for more services in the future. I still can't imagine that you changed the overall shape of my house.
P. Norrie 2021/11/26
I needed junk cleared from every room of my house. So, I thought the house clearance service would end up being pretty expensive. It was actually far cheaper than expected. They did a top job too.
Derrick. 2021/11/11
The rubbish removal specialists left my house sparkling clean.
Helena H. 2021/10/28
I needed a speedy house clearance service. This was one of only a few companies that responded to my request and gave me a reasonable quote.
Dominic H. 2021/10/10
I thought it'd be really expensive to get a full house clearance sorted. But they came up trumps for me, first with the service and also with the price of it all.
Tony H. 2021/09/21
Rubbish Waste seemed to understand my urgency for a speedy house clearance job. They delivered the perfect service, followed through on their promises.
Wilson 2021/09/14
You did a great job and were thorough in all you did in my house. The rubbish clearance workers came in time and removed all the waste within an hour. I will recommend other people to rely on your services.
John S. 2021/09/09
Their fully-licenced crew took away absolutely everything from my house without leaving any mess, any at all. I'm thankful for the easy, professional service.
Rommel S. 2021/08/30
There was a lot to do during my domestic clearance. I knew that I could only rely on professionals. This company proved to be just that. I want to thank them for the speedy, professional way they handled things.
Quinta 2021/06/01
Two rubbish removal people arrived in time and collected all the dirt in my house. They were done after a few hours.
Melvin S. 2021/05/26
I want to thank Rubbish Waste for getting my house rubbish clearance in order just when I needed them. I desperately required a speedy service. This company delivered just that, and for a very reasonable price.
Hellen 2021/05/17
The domestic rubbish removal services were excellent. My house looks clean.
O. Scott 2021/03/16
I required an urgent house clearance. This team got back to me with a great quote and were able to take care of things when needed. I was very happy about that.
Tina C. 2021/03/10
Rubbish Waste is my go-to waste removal service. Their crew is the best I have worked with, and their prices are lower than any other companies that I called.
Rosa V. 2021/02/24
I must say that I was quite impressed with the blokes from Rubbish Waste. They had my rubbish removal done quicker than expected. It looks fantastic, thanks to their help. I would hire them again.
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