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Calendar icon 21 November 2023

Handy Tips on Where to Start with Junk Removal

junk removal

After years of accumulating various items for all different purposes across life, you might find you’re now stuck with a bunch of junk that you rarely use. This junk, however, tends to remain in the home for those ‘just in case’ moments. There is always a potential use and you work by the logic that maybe one day you’ll need it again. But six years later, do you really still need that old toaster? Or years after it broke, you’re probably not going to have that radio repaired. So what to do with this unwanted junk? Well this article is here to give you some handy tips on where to start in junk disposal.

The first, and most important step here, is to take a look around each room of the house and decide what you actually need. These aren’t the things that you use once a year, if you’re lucky. Look at the things that you are actually use regularly and are important to your everyday living.

sort through waste

Take a look at these tips to help you get organised and help with junk removal room by room:

- Organise and categorise items into boxes and label them clearly. Think about labels such as books, clothes, cables, gadgets, board games, photo albums etc.

- Look at your wardrobe and place all the coat hangers backwards. Each time you wear an item of clothing, put the coat hanger forward. After a few months, you’ll clearly see what you don’t wear. Get rid of them.

clothes recycling

- Embrace digital technology to make your life easier and avoid clutter, such as not printing photos and buying movies, books and DVDs online so you don’t have the hard disk.

- Be decisive and be ruthless. This is really the only way to achieve a good level of home clearance and really get rid of that unwanted junk.

be ruthless

So now you might find you have a pile of junk that you need to get rid of. This is the next step in house clearance and can be easily achieved using some of the following tips:

- If you have a large amount of bulky items and need some furniture removal assistance, it is worth hiring a house clearance company to help with correct rubbish removal. Commercial clearance companies have the right facilities and equipment and waste disposal techniques to take your junk away in an environmentally friendly and ecological way.

furniture disposal

- You have some other options on how to get rid of your unwanted junk after a house clearance. Consider whether you want to sell or donate any items to charity. Keep in mind that if you choose to do this the items need to be in good and functioning condition.

- Get in touch with family and friends and see if they want any of the items. Contact local primary schools or kindergartens as they often use supplies for learning purposes. This can be a good win-win situation for you and  your junk removal!

house clearance

Just remember, once you’ve had a house clearance overhaul, it is important to keep being organised! Don’t let the junk re-build and use some smart thinking to prevent another cluttering disaster. Stay organised, have a structured location and systematic categorisation system in place and you can achieve this. Just remember, only buy what you need and don’t let things sit around if you’re not to use them!

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