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When it comes to listing stressful tasks, there is no doubt that house clearance will always come near the top the list. In fact, it can become a task that presents you with countless issues should you not approach it carefully. Thankfully, the days of having to fight your way through a flat clearance all on your own is a thing of the past. Rubbish Waste is probably a name you have heard of, as we are the leading name when it comes to domestic clearance services in the United Kingdom. When you hire us, you won’t be left doing trip after trip to the local recycling centre, nor will you be left filling in form after form. We understand what it takes to get the job done and get it done right first time.

Solve you property clearance problems today by calling us on 020 3540 8131 . From there, one of our customer team will talk you through all the services we offer, before providing you with a free no obligation quote. Don’t put yourself at risk with cowboy property clearance services; speak to one of our team today instead.


If you are someone who has tackled a house clearance on your own before, you will understand just how expensive it can be. From van hire and labour costs, all the way through to item disposal licensing, it all adds up and very little of it comes cheap. Thankfully we are on hand to clear up any financial confusion surrounding property clearance costs. We work of a set price system and for that you will get the use of some of the leading experts in the home clearance removal. Through this price system you will get a full breakdown of exactly what it is your paying for, along with any additional extras that you can choose to opt for.

When you choose us, you can also rest easy knowing that you will never have to face any hidden fees after the job is done. Get the ball rolling by selecting our flat clearance services, for more information speak to one of team. From there, they will guide you through our home clearance services and exactly what it is we can do to help you.

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Are you worried about your house clearance? Not sure what is going to happen to the rubbish involved? Well be worried no more. We can take away items of any size from your property, from fridges and boxes to documents and perishables; we can dispose of it all in a safe and correct manner. Here at Rubbish Waste we understand the importance of home clearance. When you choose us we will get ride of your rubbish by using the latest removal technology along with ruthless planning efficiency.

All it takes to get the ball rolling is a quick call to us on 020 3540 8131 and our team can talk you through our services then and there.

In some circumstances we can even have a team out to you within hours, meaning that when you choose our furniture clearance services you will never be left waiting. We aren’t there to simply pull up in a van and dump your items in the nearest landfill site, as we offer so much more. Our experience makes our domestic clearance services a product with a difference. When you choose us, you don’t just get a man and a van, you get a team you can count on. Don’t wait; call us today to see how we make your house clearance a breeze.



Our Testimonials
Ruby D 2023/07/02
I got the house clearance taken care of when I needed it done. This firm helped me out brilliantly with the way they went about things.
D. Brooks 2023/06/06
Other firms I reached out to were charging me a lot more for house clearance. I was preparing to shell out a lot. Luckily, I continued doing my research and reached out to this company for a quote.
Tiana S 2023/06/04
This waste removal firm gave me a very good price for handling everything that needed to be cleared. They arrived when they said they would and had the site junk-free in no time.
L. Baily 2023/06/03
I hired their house clearance help and was very happy with all the work they did for me. They listened to instructions and provided a thorough, professional service. I left Rubbish Waste to it and didn't have to lift a finger.
F. Sitwell 2023/06/02
Hiring them for house clearance helped me out massively. I'd thoroughly recommend hiring them.
E. Ennis 2022/08/08
The house clearance help this company provided me was spot on. They looked good online. Thankfully, they came through for me and provided the perfect service.
W. Middlebank 2022/07/05
Their ethical house clearance practices appealed to me. I was getting rid of a lot. I felt better about things knowing that most of my waste was going to be recycled.
Clive M 2022/07/03
I was desperately after a same day house waste clearance service. Thankfully I came across this company and, thankfully, the service didn't cost a lot either.
P. Rutherford 2022/07/02
I look to Rubbish Waste for waste management purposes. They're easy and very professional to deal with. They're cheap to hire too. They always provide the complete service that's needed.
R. Road 2022/06/04
With it being a complete house clearance, I thought the service would cost a bomb. I was pleasantly surprised when Rubbish Waste gave me the price quote and when they stuck to it even after carrying out all the gruelling work.
W. Purnell 2022/05/21
My house clearance job in consisted of large items of furniture. I thought the collection would cost a lot. But I got a great price for the job. It was all cleared away, very quickly, before my eyes.
Elaine H. 2022/05/20
Their house clearance professionals did a mightily fine job for me handling what I thought was a tricky situation. They demonstrated why they're professionals.
E. Groves 2022/05/18
It was far easier hiring them for house clearance, getting the job sorted with them than it would've been dealing with another company. I do not doubt that.
Ashley A. 2022/05/12
I required an urgent rubbish disposal service. Thankfully, this firm was able to help me out. They didn't hike up their prices either, taking advantage of the fact I needed an urgent service, which was something I greatly appreciated.
Jeremy L. 2021/12/16
What you delivered exceeded what I expected to get from Rubbish Waste. Currently, my house is free from rubbish because of the junk clearance done.
Jessy 2021/10/14
Your house clearance services are the best. The worker who came was professional and polite. Currently, my house smells and looks fabulous.
I. Quinn 2021/09/17
It appeared their rubbish removal company was the best around, certainly the best. I decided to give them a try. The service couldn't have gone better, couldn't have been carried out more professionally.
Pia S. 2021/09/03
This rubbish removal firm was able to accommodate my needs for a same day collection service. They did splendidly well, removing my junk in super-quick time.
R. Byers 2021/08/25
I reached out to Rubbish Waste. You can imagine my surprise when their team came around just a couple of hours later. I want to thank them massively for the speedy, same day collection.
Kimberly 2021/08/10
My house is great and classy after the junk clearance.
S. Bault 2021/08/04
I managed to get house clearance sorted for a good price. It was the hassle-free service I was after. I look forward to hiring this firm again.
Anne S. 2021/06/10
Rubbish removal for me meant getting rid of lots of different types of waste. They said they'd be able to take everything from my house and would be able to dispose of everything responsibly. I had no doubt they did just that.
Derrick W. 2021/05/25
We have never gotten into any problems whenever we have worked with their rubbish disposal workers. I will never stop calling you because your services are unique and one of a kind.
Maggy 2021/05/12
Your house clearance job is phenomenal. You came and removed all the rubbish present in every corner of the place. I have never seen it this clean in the past.
Nagina H. 2021/05/05
I relied on their rubbish removal professionals to help get things sorted for me. They came up trumps for me and didn't let me down.
D. Piggott 2021/04/02
I had some new tenants moving into my house. The old tenants had leftover lots of junk. I needed a house clearance, and urgently. I want to thank Rubbish Waste for delivering such a speedy and professional service.
Lyndsey Harris 2021/03/10
The waste collection can be a bit pricey, but this company had terrific deals on top of their already low rates. The crew was helpful, friendly, and professional. I will be recommending their rubbish removal services to any of my friends.
Bella P. 2021/02/15
Waste removal services are a bit higher priced than those in other places. I called around, and these guys were the most affordable. Their crew showed up on time and were ready to work. I would absolutely hire them again.
John S. 2020/10/09
My house clearance was carried out promptly and professionally. Thanks to them, I didn't have to delay my new tenants moving in due to all of the mess. It's definitely worth hiring them if after any type of junk clearance.
K. Johnson 2020/09/15
The house clearance team did just that; they worked as a team to remove the massive load that needed to be taken away from my place.
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