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How To Clear Waste From Your Builders In Lambeth

Calendar icon 14Nov 2014

builders waste clearance

Having your home in Lambeth redesigned, redecorate or renovated can be a fantastic change for you and your family, but more often than not your builders can leave behind a lot of mess and clutter! If you want some tips to help you with your builders’ waste clearance then just have a look at the following advice!

assess the mess

1)    Assess the mess.

Before you begin the clearance process in the SW9 district you should take the time to fully assess the problem. Are you dealing with rubble, plaster or other such clutter? Do you need professional tools for the job? Can you manage to clear the mess on your own? Don’t start a job that you don’t think you’re capable of completing, and always make sure it’s safe for you to remove the rubbish before you begin.

skip hire

2)    Get the right materials for the job.

Once you know what needs to be done you can start looking for the right materials for the job. A stiff-bristled broom is a fantastic tool that will come in handy for most house clearance jobs. If you don’t already have one then add it to your list! It’s also a good idea to purchase thick gloves, such as gardening gloves, so that you can remove rubbish and debris without the risk of injury. Refuse sacks are also a necessity, but for bigger jobs you might want to think about hiring a skip so that you can get rid of your mess in Lambeth without too much fuss.

building junk removal

3)    Begin by clearing the clutter.

Start by clearing away any large rubbish items, such as bricks or stones, and dispose of them in a refuse sack or in your hired skip. Be careful when handling rubbish that could potentially be sharp, or rubbish that is heavy, as you don’t want to risk injuring yourself. Always use thick gloves to protect yourself and never lift anything that you think might be too heavy for you to carry. Ensure that you always have a safe path that’s clear from rubbish so that you can carry debris and clutter from the affected area to your skip or bin without the risk of falling or tripping.

builders waste collection

4)    Clearing the mess.

Once the clutter and debris is gone you can start the smaller junk clearance jobs. This is your opportunity to sweep away dust and tiny bits of debris to leave your home looking cleaner and tidier. This can take some time, especially if you’re doing it properly, but it’s worth putting in the effort! When the brick dust, plaster or whatever mess it is you’re dealing with is gone you can clean the affected area. Antibacterial sprays, vacuum cleaners, polishing cloths and damp sponges can all be useful here, depending on what sort of home clearance job in the SW4 area it is you’ve been working on.

builders waste disposal

5)    What to do with your waste.

If you haven’t hired a skip then you’re now going to be left with quite a few refuse sacks filled with mess from your rubbish clearance. It’s a good idea to take these bags to your local tip to ensure that they’re disposed of properly. If you have bricks that are in good condition then ask around your friends and family to see if they are of any use to anyone. You may be surprised!

builders clearance services

6)    Hiring professional help.

Remember, if you have any qualms or worries about your home clearance or builders’ mess clearance you can always hire professional property clearance services in Lambeth. These clearance services can save you a lot of time and effort, so shop around to see what help you can find.

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