Smart Ideas for Reusing Old Newspapers

Posted on 08/09/2015

Creative Ways to Reuse Old Newspapers

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Newspapers will always have their practical use. After you are done with the domestic clearance and you have ended up with a pile of newspapers, do not immediately send them for recycling or throw them in the rubbish bin. They can still be used and reused in some cases, and you would be better off figuring out how rather than thinking about how to get to the bin faster. The newspapers will always be around, and the supply you get is limitless, and as a limitless resource, you should not waste them away as targets for junk disposal, but make use of them and figure out how to do it in a variety of ways. And here are some ideas that can stir your imagination to do just that.

• At the very least, newspapers can be used for wrapping things up. If you are packing, they can be your best friend. They will save you a trip to the store and the price of all the packing materials you will need. A single newspaper can be used as a wrapper for a few pairs of shoes, or even most of your glassware.

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• Old newspapers can be applied in cleaning as well. Have you heard about cleaning windows with a newspaper? No, it is not a myth, it does work, and instead of looking for special cleaning tools, your old newspapers can be time-, money-, and effort-savers for your window cleaning endeavour.

• There are almost limitless options for decorations you can create using newspaper. The most obvious one being creating your own poster out of cut-outs. Or making a hanging scrapbook with events or pictures that caught your attention. You can even use newspaper to wrap around bare decorations and give them colour. Fold the pages in long strips, and you can even create your own newspaper braid or chain which you can hang on a wall, from the ceiling, or at the door.

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• Are you a papier mache aficionado? Newspaper is just what you are looking for. Make your own shapes and figures and paper decorations by using the piles of old paper. The variety of projects you can get into is mind-boggling.

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• Origami anyone? There is a whole culture and art of origami to be explored and now you have the material to experiment all you want until you get the hang of it. Sure, there is folding paper, but that paper bare and dull, and all those shapes can be made with any kind of paper, so why not use the much more colourful and interesting newspaper. Decorate your house with different paper animals and plants, or just make one after another and figure out what to do with them later. The superstition goes that one who folds one thousand paper cranes can make a wish and it will come true!

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• Old newspapers can be used for protection. If you are doing a paint job, or there is a construction outside, you can always cover the thing you do not want damaged by small rubble or drops of paint. And if you own a bird, you know how messy a birdcage can get. Use the newspaper at the bottom to make cleaning it infinitely easier.

Clearance after Painting Job

And there you have it. These are just a few of the so many more ideas that you can implement, and none of them involve waste removal. Your newspapers have practical value long after their content is not exactly news. Use them and they can save you time, effort and money, and can make for quite the décor. All you need is a little creativity.

Bill Hildreth
Bill Hildreth

Bill, a true maestro in waste disposal, has over a decade of experience transforming untidy spaces into organized havens. Proficient in efficient rubbish removal techniques, his commitment to sustainability makes him a trusted choice for clients seeking to declutter homes or businesses.

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