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Calendar icon 29 October 2020

Easy Steps to Clear Out Your Backyard

garden junk collection

The backyard has so much potential to be a prime feature of any home and property. However, this yard can often be overlooked and neglected, which results in plants and trees and becoming overgrown.

While garden clearance or any other type of property clearance can seem like an onerous and unappealing task, the results at the end of a clearance overhaul and very rewarding and aesthetically pleasing.  

check the soil

Each backyard is different and you will likely approach the clearance task with your own strategy, but a general list of what you should aim to do is outlined below:

- Check the soil on garden beds

- Remove dead leaves and foliage

- Trim and prune trees, shrubs and hedges

- Clean any water features and ponds, check for mould in any cracks and crevices

- Replace any broken or damaged garden tools

- Mow the lawns

- If you have a vegetable garden, check for dead or rotting vegetables and ensure the soil is still in good condition

- If you have fruit trees, check around the tree for rotten or fallen fruits and remove these, otherwise they will attract bugs and insects

garden waste clearance

So now the question may remain on how to sort out that garden waste clearance? There are a few options here that are environmentally friendly and recycle in an ecological manner. Some tips to get you started are included here:

- Mulch: it is very easy to create your own mulch using items found during a garden clearance. This is a cost effective and environmentally smart way to recycle. You can use bark chips, dead leaves, grass clippings and other natural resources from your backyard to create mulch. Also if you find sheets of plastic or cardboard, these can be used to create a more permanent soil covering.


- Compost: having a compost bin a very environmentally and economically friendly decision to make. You can add just about any natural resource to your compost bin, such as grass clippings and leaves as well as uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps. Compost acts as a natural and organic fertiliser that will make your soil healthy and strong for your plants to grow in.

green waste removal

- Green waste: filling up your green waste bin with excess tree cuttings, grass and leaves and other waste from your garden clearance is highly recommended. Once your green waste bin is full, it will be collected and the natural matter will be environmentally friendly disposed of by professional services.

garden clearance services

If you feel that you will have a lot of excess junk and waste as a result from this clearance, looking into professional clearance services may be a good option. Many companies have facilities equipped to deal with garden waste clearance and will be able to ecologically deal with your rubbish removal. These services come in the form of man with a van, which are particularly convenient if you find you have bulky items and garden tools you wish to be taken away. These companies also offer skip hire for your benefit, using which you can toss the junk straight in the skip and have someone else collect it at the end of the clearance.

beautiful garden

Once your back yard is cleared, it’s time to sit back, smell the roses and enjoy the scenic views. You’ll feel great when you’re able to walk across the yard in a straight line without risking crashing into anything!

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