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What to do With Unwanted Furniture in Bromley

Calendar icon 27Dec 2014

old furniture removal

If you’ve just had a domestic clearance overhaul in Bromley in a bid to update your lounge suit or dining setting, you may now find yourself faced with the question of what to do what that old furniture. Whether it’s a sofa or kitchen table, a comfortable chair or a bookshelf, in top condition or a suffering a few marks of wear and tear; the main factor here is that you no longer want that furniture item in your home. So now your home clearance has led to the dilemma of how to deal with that unwanted furniture.

Furniture clearance can be a tricky and delicate situation. There are quite a few factors that need to be taken into account to correctly get rid of unwanted furniture in Bromley, BR1. It is something that should be planned ahead of time for the best outcome. This is also necessary in order to make room for new incoming furniture. Some things to keep in mind when wanting to dispose of furniture include:

furniture disposal regulations

-    Rules and regulations: your local council body may have certain standards and expectations when it comes to disposing of furniture. It best to consult with a council member or look online to see if your area has hard rubbish collection or specific dumping sections at the tip for furniture.

donate to charity

-    Donating to charity: in order to donate your unwanted furniture to a goodwill store in the BR2 region it is important to make sure the furniture item is in good condition and of a suitable quality. If you are choosing to donate it, ensure it is clean and presentable so that the charity shop will accept it.

sell furniture

-    Selling the item: again, it is imperative to make sure the item is in good condition. In order to re-sell it, first have the item properly cleaned and refurbished if necessary. Using websites such as eBay or other online classifieds is a good way to sell unwanted furniture.

furniture clearance services

-    Using professional services: such clearance services are available to take away unwanted furniture items and dispose of them in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Remember when using any services offered by house clearance professionals, make sure you get a quote and try to be as clear as possible about the weight, size and dimensions of the furniture item or items to get the most accurate price range.

House clearance can be difficult when furniture is involved. Whether you are hiring a professional clearance service in the BR1 area or doing the job yourself, there are some important occupational health and safety factors to take into consideration. These are important so that your personal health is not damaged during the process of removing furniture during a home clearance in Bromley. Some of these include:

sofa disposal

-    Plan ahead of time to be organised and prepared for furniture clearance

-    Measure doorways and window fittings to see which is the best way to get furniture in or out

-    Factor in staircases to get furniture up if relevant

-    Enlist the help of family, friends or neighbours to assist with heavy lifting

-    Always use the correct posture lifting technique to avoid back or shoulder injuries

-    Consider vehicle access and how you are going to the furniture item into the van or trailer to remove it

old furniture collection

-    Wear protective gear such as face masks or gloves if dealing with chipped, splintering or dusty furniture items

-    Where available, use trolleys or wheels to lift, shift or push furniture

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