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Tips For A Stress-Free House Clearance In Chelsea

Calendar icon 31Mar 2015

stress-free home clearance

Are you moving house but have no idea where to start or does the prospect of your upcoming house clearance give you the shivers? Moving can be a stressful endeavour at the best of times so to help with it, we'd like to provide you with some tips to make the home clearance process as stress free as possible.

plan strategically

Just like no good manager would dream of starting the year without preparing several different plans of action, something as big as a house clearance deserves some planning! Make some goals! Set some deadlines! If you've already got a moving day set and ready, it's probably a good idea to start preparations at least one week in advance giving yourself plenty of time to deal with any unexpected complications like the movers not coming in on time.

hire a clearance company
Hire the right people

Speaking of movers there's plenty of service help available for all or just for parts of your move. If the thoughts of another home clearance make you nauseous instead of enthusiastic, you should consider employing the services of property clearance professionals. If on the other hand you enjoy the packing process but hate the idea of a post clearance clean up, why don't you hire some cleaners to come in and make the place look like a million dollars? So instead of worrying, it's time to relax, let the professionals do the work and for once enjoy the move!

packing boxes
Packing prioritisation

Most people have picked up a unique packing style somewhere between leaving home for the first time and them moving from flat to flat. That can be anything from a sheer mad dash to shove everything in sight into boxes or a meticulous process that involves countless checklists. Whichever kind you are, prioritising the order in which you pack up the house will make life (and the move) a lot easier to manage.

label properly

You'll need a lot of boxes and some labels – unpacking would be a lot easier if you took the time now to put like with like and clearly label each box. Before you start dismantling the big furniture in your home in Chelsea, SW10, clear out everything from it and pack it up. The big items may look overwhelming but it is the little things that take the longest time. Always be careful when packing fragile items – bubble wrap, old clothes and blankets are your friends. It is crucial that you label everything. You'll be really glad you did when you arrive at your new home and desperately need to find the toaster and the kettle.

house cleaning

A domestic clearance is the optimum time for junk disposal – now is the time to get rid of all the excess stuff that has accumulated over the years. Chuck the rubbish into refuse bags, take any recyclables down to your local recycling point and give the house one final scrub down.

cosy home
Settling into your new home

You've accomplished something incredible. You've conducted a stress-free house clearance and are now ready to settle into your new home in Chelsea. Unpack the furniture first prioritising the things you'll need short term like your bed frame and mattress and proceed from there, using your neatly labelled boxes to figure out what you need next. Good luck!

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