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Home Clearance In Camden On A Budget

Calendar icon 16Jan 2015

home clearance

A house clearance might be top on you agenda, but with such a limited budget you can’t afford to hire professional services in Camden. With your budget already drafted and finalised you know there is no way of finding the extra cash, what with most of your savings set aside for the removals company on moving day. Plus what about those renovations you’re having done to the new flat? Well don’t fret…. Why not perform your own property clearance? Yes it’s a tough job, but here is a simple to follow guide on how to make your pound stretch even further and get on with what might even prove to be a profit making home clearance for you and your family!

In today’s expensive world, more and more people are opting for cheaper alternatives when it comes to taking care of rubbish removal in the NW1 area, both at home and commercially. There are ways around it and by doing your research, you may strike it lucky and find a clearance company whose services you can afford! There are many ways not to break the bank when embarking on a domestic clearance and here are just some of them:

property clearance

Do you research! Reserve one afternoon or morning and take the time to ring up several different clearance companies in Camden. See what they have on offer, as you might be surprised by some junk disposal deals or offers for handy white goods recycling! Remember cash might be tight, but whatever you’re going to spend, you want a reliable and trustworthy service; so don’t just go for the cheapest in junk removals. Make sure the company’s prices match its promise of quality service!

Hiring a reputable house clearance company is so important. Actually its more important than most think, because if the waste is not property disposed of, this could be traced back to you and you may then be liable to pay a hefty fine! So to save yourself any aggravation and your hard earned cash in the long run, hire a well-established and trustworthy clearance firm in the N1 region! If you do find an affordable company make sure beforehand that they will upon the end of the rubbish removal, supply you with something called a waste transfer note. This means they taking responsibility for your rubbish.

professional clearance services

There’s no better way to cut down costs than by seeking the help of friends or family in your house clearance in Camden. You could even use this time to bond and perhaps one of your friends might even want to purchase an item off you that you no longer want!

This brings the guide to the finer point of re-selling items during a good rubbish clear out! It’s amazing what people will pay for belongings you find trivial or even worthless. This isn’t to say you’ll get rich any time soon by getting rid of old CDs, a chest of drawers or even an old record player, but if there are items you no longer want, there may be someone out there in the NW1 district looking for that exact treadmill or vintage dress!

go online

Why not get online; open up an account on one of those Internet auction sites like eBay and let the bids come in! Of if you’re not too Internet savvy, then why not hold a car boot sale or garage sale? You could even try flogging some of your unwanted clothes at a local rag market. If you come across any antiques during your loft clearance then you may have struck gold! It’s not as uncommon as you might think to find things of value while carrying out a good old basement junk clearance!

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