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A Domestic Clearance Checklist For Homeowners In Enfield

Calendar icon 25Feb 2015

house clearance

Having a domestic clearance overhaul is a great way to take control of clutter in your house in Enfield. Home clearance often results in considerable junk removal and waste disposal which means that your home will be left feeling more spacious and open. While there are many services that can assist with the clearance process, there are also a number of things you can do prior to calling in the professionals.

A successful DIY domestic clearance checklist should include the following elements:

-    Organisation: this is the key to planning an effective house clearance in the EN1 region. As a general rule for timing, allow half a day to clear each room. This allows you to focus your energies in one space and break the tasks ahead down room by room.

planning a home clearance

-    Decide what is valuable: making firm decisions about what is something worth keeping as opposed to junk worth throwing away is a challenge of a home clearance. However, it is absolutely necessary to the progress of this project.

-    Throw out or donate: items that you don’t want anymore can either be thrown away if they’re broken or damaged, or donated to second hand charity stores if they’re still in good condition. As you clear each room, make piles for these or label items as you go so you know what you’re going to do with everything.

donate unwanted items

-    Estimate what needs to be cleared: once you’ve had your clearance in each room and decided what needs to go, this is the time to call the professionals. It is important to estimate how much you think will need to be cleared in order to get the best value for money quote. Whether you are choosing skip hire to handle your rubbish removal or calling in a commercial clearance company, you should have a rough idea of how much needs to be taken away.

-    Protect yourself: when having a clearance and tossing away lots of items, always remember to check and make sure your identity isn’t left on anything. This is most important for confidential documents and paperwork. Have a shredder available to discard of these important documents or burn them so that you don’t risk any identity theft.

protective gear

If and when you need to hire professional services during your property clearance, there are some things you should look out for to ensure you hire the best company in Enfield, EN2. These include:

-    References: does the company come with good references? Where possible, ask family, friends and neighbours if they have used a clearance company before and can recommend a good one. This is the best way to get raw and honest feedback about a company.

clearance company references

-    Reputation: do they have a good reputation in the EN1 region? You can usually tell this by looking at their website and seeing the client feedback. Pay attention to both positive and negative feedback to get a holistic view of the company.

-    Rapport: do they have good customer service? When chatting on the phone to the customer service representative or sending emails, you want to get a good vibe from the company. If they are happy to chat for a long time and answer all your questions, this is a good sign. Avoid companies who have short responses and don’t seem to make customer service a priority.

clearance service rates

-    Rates: are the prices quoted affordable and good value for money? Do some research so you know what kind of prices you should expect to pay in Enfield. Make sure you get a fixed price quote and ask about any additional charges so you aren’t left with any nasty surprises.

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